Sairam Matriculation Higher Secondary School started in the year 2007 with the aim of providing quality education to the younger generation in the semi- urban areas of Goripalayam, Madurai. It is another prestigious unit of Sai Ram Group of Educational Institutions, well established school with the aim of imparting sound, all-round education, with special emphasis on the character building of students. The object is to turn out disciplined young students with leadership qualities, a sense of responsibility to serve the country. ”We Build a Better Nation through Quality education”.

The school started with PreKG, LKG, UKG and standard I to VII in 2007 The vision of our school is to cultivate excellent students through education with high self – esteem, which in turn will enable to lead a happy, gratifying and purposeful life.

The Management employs only experienced and trained teachers. The teaching staff helps the school to progress scaling new heights of excellence and efficiency. The school has well – equipped laboratories and a library. Weekly twice we have Yoga, chess, skating, Silambam and Taekwondo for classes I to VIII. In addition to this, the management offers good computer education to all students from Std I to Std XII. The medium of instruction is English, Tamil and Hindi are compulsory languages from LKG to VIII Std. Hindi also is taught as a Second Language. After the school hours we are conducting special classes for achievers from Std I to VIII.

School Motto

The vision of our school is to cultivate excellent students through education with high self – esteem, which in turn will enable to lead a happy, gratifying and purposeful life.

The motto of the school is . ”We Build a Better Nation through Quality education”.

General Rules

Pupils are expected to show gentleness and courtesy to others at all times. Refinement of manners should distinguish every pupil of this school. The students should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.

The uniform, which is to be made according to the school pattern, must be worn daily, no other patterns are allowed. Students wearing old, discolored or badly fitting uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes.

Pupils are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. The books should be covered and marked distinctly with the pupil’s name, class and section.

Students must remedy at their cost any damage to school property including ink stains. Each child will be responsible for the desk and chair that she / he uses.

Pupils must have the textbooks and stationery prescribed for their respective classes before the school reopens. Children will not be allowed out of the class to get books. All pupils should carry their books in a canvas or a leather bag. Borrowing of books, pens,pencils etc will not be allowed.Children who travel by bus must travel only in your specified route bus. Indisciplined behavior in the bus will make a student ineligible to use the school bus.

Students are advised not to bring valuables like expensive pens, watches, jewellery etc to school. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost by students.Use of polythene is strictly, banned in the school.Any confiscated material like lotions, creams, lip balms etc from the bags of students will not be returned.

School Timings
First Bell8.50 a.m
Prayer9.10 a.m
Forenoon Session9.15 a.m – 12.00 p.m
Lunch Break12.00 p.m – 12.35 p.m
Afternoon Session12.35 p.m – 3.00 p.m
Achievers class3.10 p.m – 4.00 p.m

Students are expected to observe the following:

Enter the school premises in your school uniform only.You are not supposed to come to school for whatever purpose in a casual dress except with the special permission from the Principal. This includes OPEN HOUSE and all other activities related to the school.

Parents are requested to be vigilant regarding the literature, friends and companions that your child chooses. Please supervise the television programmes your child views and the amount of time spent on viewing these programs daily. Use of internet is to be monitored by you.

Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school, receive visitors or make / receive telephone calls during school except for serious reasons that too with permission.

Parents or guardians are not allowed to enter the classrooms or meet the teachers during school hours unless they have written permission from the Principal. No student is allowed to remain absent without authorization. Any student who remains absent from school for more than 30 days without any intimation will be struck of from the school records.Each students should have 85% attendance.

Students will not be granted permission to leave the school during school hours, except for a very serious reason.No pupil should be sent to school if suffering from a contagious or an infectious disesase or if there are any such cases in her house or the child is too sick to attend the class.

Circulars will be given from time to time regarding meeting, change in uniform etc. Please act on these notices in time. Some notices, such as Parent Teacher Meeting (Open House) require your signature and will have to be returned for acknowledgment and / or confirmation. The report cards will be given only to the parents. Representatives / relatives will not be allowed at meetings or allowed to take the report cards.

Discipline shall be enforced in the best interests of the school. Unauthorized absence, objectionable behavior, disobedience to teachers, staff members, students possession of objectionable literature, books letters etc. The Principal will not meet any parent without prior appointment except the time mentioned for the meeting.
Office shall remain closed on all Sundays and on all public holidays.

The decision of the Principal will be final in all matters related to the school.Do not keep long nails nor apply nail polish on them.Do not dye hair. It is strictly forbidden.Tattoo on any visible part of your body is not permitted.Applying of henna / decoration of hand is not allowed.
Shaping of eyebrows is not allowed.While in school, all the students should have a Blue ribbon tied on their hair Gold chains, finger rings, bangles are not permitted. Multiple piercing of ear on lobes is discouraged. Wearing earings is not allowed. Ear tops may be worn in place of earings. More than one ear top is not allowed.
No gadgets such as ipods, mobile phones or cameras are allowed in the school.

Your uniform should be clean and ironed, shoes polished and socks should be clean. Long hair should be two plaited (For Girls)

Parents, Please Note:-

Please check the diary regularly to find out the assignments that have been given or any remarks by the Principal, Vice Principal or Teachers.
Please ensure that your child pays particular attention to the neatness in his / her person and in him / her work.The Management and staff will play a very important role in the development of your child. But kindly ensure that your child studies systematically and completes his / her assignment in time to enable her to make satisfactory progress in his / her studies.